Baobab AiBIO

In terms of information, Bio-Space consists of subspaces such as genome, proteome, metabolome, chemical space, and physiome etc. For efficient and goal-oriented drug discovery, it is essential to develop a spacecraft that can effectively explore the Bio-Space in which several sub-spaces are intricately entangled.

Baobab AiBIO has developed and developing Bio-space Voyager by integrating related cutting-edge technologies for bio-space search for efficient drug discovery. The main cutting-edge technologies those consist of the Bio-space Voyager are quantum mechanics-based synthetic and protein drug design technologies, bio-sub spaces hyper connecting technologies, AI based PK prediction, and Cryo-EM for protein structure-based drug discovery. In addition, to solve the heavy computing problem of Bio-space Voyager, we are preparing to introduce Quantum Computing into practice within 3~4 years.

Baobab's new drug development strategies using Bio-space Voyager are:
  • - Selection of noble targets without protein structure information for our discovery research,
  • - Voyaging with excellent biologists and clinicians for new drugs discovery,
  • - Steadily up-date cutting-edge technology platform to keep our technology at its best,
  • - Contribute to the successful life of researchers in the company and to human society through new drugs development.